Dr Roberto Valcavi

Dr. Roberto Valcavi is a specialist in Endocrinology and a specialist in Internal Medicine.
He started doing thyroid ablative procedures from 1992. From 1996 to 2014 he was Director of the Endocrinology Department of the IRCCS-Arcispedale Santa Maria Nuova (IRCCS – ASMN) of Reggio Emilia.

He is currently Director of the E.T.C. (Endocrine Thyroid Clinic) of Reggio Emilia. ETC specializes in ultrasound-guided minimally invasive thermoablative surgery of radiofrequency thyroid nodules (RFA).

Minimally invasive thyroid ablative surgery using ultrasound-guided RFA care
effectively and safely benign thyroid nodules, small malignant thyroid tumors and parathyroid adenomas, saving thyroid.

Thyroid nodules? Save your thyroid!

Benign nodules and small malignant thyroid tumors are destroyed with radiofrequency externally guided by ultrasound in a fully equipped operating room by Dr. Roberto Valcavi and his surgical team.
The procedures involve light anesthesia and prompt recovery with no intubation, no surgical cuts, minimal side effects, prompt recovery.
The thyroid remains intact in its function and replacement therapy with thyroxine is not necessary.

The Clinic E.T.C.

The Endocrine & Thyroid Clinic (E.T.C.), directed by Doctor Roberto Valcavi, was born in 2021 with the aim of being a reference center for Endocrine patients and in particular for patients with thyroid, parathyroid and lymph node pathologies.

It is possible to carry out specialist endocrinological medical consultations, ultrasound scans of the endocrine glands and in particular of the endocrine neck, biopsies for cytological examination with fine needle (Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy) or biopsies with cutting needle for histological examination (Core Needle Biopsy).

These are preliminary activities to the most innovative activities: ultrasound-guided ablation operations with radiofrequency through which cold and hot, benign and, with selective indications, malignant thyroid nodules can be selectively destroyed, avoiding open surgery and post-operative hospitalization. Ultrasound-guided minimally invasive surgery saves the thyroid.

What is the thyroid

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland located in the lower anterior region of the neck, in front of the trachea.

It is composed of two portions called lobes, the right lobe and the left lobe, connected to each other by a thin flap of thyroid parenchyma, called the isthmus.

The main role of the thyroid gland consists in the production of the thyroid hormones, triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4), which are secreted into the blood and subsequently transported to the body’s tissues.

Thyroid hormones help regulate body metabolism, body temperature and maintain proper functioning of the brain, heart, muscles and other organs.



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